Who is Texas Athlete ?

Texas Athlete is a Non-Profit Sports Organization OBSESSED at bringing maximum exposure for student athletes in Football, Baseball and Basketball. Our mission is to provide exposure in the forms of camps, tournaments, social media, video ( game highlights ) and most importantly offer scholarships. Student athletes in West Texas do not get the coverage they deserve in order to be noticed by college coaches which in turn can limit even prevent them from getting an opportunity to play at the next level. This is one of the many reasons why Texas Athlete was formed but in order for us to be able to help student athletes we need your support.

Why you want to support Texas Athlete ?

 As with any non-profit organization, donations play a major part in a non-profit being able operate successfully and carry out their mission. Texas Athlete has adopted a unique way of getting funded which makes it completely different from the traditional non-profit organization when it comes to donations and fundraising because we DO NOT ASK for monetary donations from the public. Texas Athlete gets funded in three ways: business sponsors, sales from merchandise and 5% cash back when you partner up with Texas Athlete and do some of your monthly shopping with our 650 retail partners.

All sales proceeds from baseball equipment and merchandise go to Texas Athlete and The Texas Athlete Scholarship Fund. By simply partnering up with us, you are helping student athletes receive the maximum exposure they deserve to get them to the next level and be SUCCESSFUL.

Our student athletes deserve to get the best exposure possible and with your help we can accomplish this together.

Can Texas Athlete make a difference ?

 Absolutely we can make a major impact that can help student athletes get more exposure which in turn can provide an opportunity for more scholarships. Its no secret that student athletes in West Texas do no have the same facilities or exposure of athletes in bigger cities and most of the time athletes from West Texas get passed up because of the assumption that we don't have great athletes. To prove we have the talent take a look at this, this past basketball season the Panhandle had four high school girls basketball teams go down south to the Alamo Dome and bring back the state tittle.

Those teams were: The Canyon Lady Eagles 5A District, Canadian Lady Wilcats 3A District, Nazareth Lady Swiftettes 2A District and the Panhandle Lady Panthers 1A District. The Canyon Lady Eagles and Amarillo High Lady Sandies are nationally ranked in the top 25 by MaxPrep !

Another example, a Quarterback by the name of Nick Gerber from a small school ( Levelland High School ) outside of Lubbock just had a record breaking football season this year, he broke the Texas touchdown record and that's no easy task to do especially when Texas is known as a football state and with many other elite quarterbacks around the state he was the one that broke the record.  

We could sit here and name a few other athletes that have had a stellar season this year but you get where we are going with this,  plain and simple we have the athletes that can complete at the next level, they just need help and that's where Texas Athlete comes in and provides that additional exposure.

Simply send us an email with your contact information to [email protected]  and we will provide you with more in detail on how you can support Texas Athlete.

Thank You,

Texas Athlete Staff - A Non-Profit Sports Organization

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